Photohydroionization™ (PHI) Technology
The PureAir Desktop by Zico, designed by RGF Environmental Group, is the latest in air treatment technology. The PureAir Desktop utilizes high intensity broad spectrum light waves directed on a sintered catalytic radiant grid which creates an Advanced Oxidation air ionization that is radiated through a room in complete silence.
Advantages of PureAir Desktop :
No Fan
No Moving parts
Low maintenance
No filters
Ultra low operating cost (only 11 watts)
Safe ions and oxidants silently travel throughout room
Oxidizes bacteria, mold, viruses and VOCs
Oxidizes gases and odors
Purifies the air up to 150 sq ft. (in 24 hours)
Provides clean fresh air
The use of PureAir desktop results in eliminating : Microbials, gases and odors by oxidation from the air we breathe. Photohydroiozation™ (PHI) is effective on :
Smoke Cooking odors
Bacteria Mold
Pet odors Airborne particulates
Germs Restroom odors
Viruses VOCs
Mildew odors    
  Dimensions                                           6”w x 3”d x 12”h
  Electrical                                                220 VAC
  Controls                                                  On / Off
   Weight                                                     2 Ibs
   Material                                                   Polymers
  Advanced Oxidation                  Less then .01 ppm
Before   After          
Actual lab tests showing upto 96% reductions of airborne bacteria and mold          

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