Zico Environmental Solution Private Limited ('Zico') brings to India a completely new range of products for improving the 'Indoor Air Quality' under the brand name 'PureAir'. The PureAir products endeavors to eliminate the Indoor Air Pollution such as Particulates (Dust, Dander & Pollen) Microbial (Bacteria, Viruses & Molds) and Gases (VOC's & Odors) thereby creating a much cleaner, fresher and healthier environment to work/ live-in. Zico is now the authorized distributor of Indoor Air Quality products manufactured by RGF Environmental Group Inc., (RGF) across India.

'We breathe 23000 times a day, why not breathe PureAir'
  RGF incorporated in 1985 in USA, is engaged in providing the world with practical air, water and food purification systems / solutions across the globe. RGF manufactures and distributes over 500 environmental products and services in more than 60 countries worldwide with representatives and distributors. RGF owns numerous patents, trademarks, awards and invests significantly in Research and Development for new technologies, upgrading existing products, system, processes and so on to strive for excellence in the field of environmental products.
‘Innovative Environmental Technology’

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